Hey Neighbour, ready to upgrade to the best business internet in Ottawa? It is now literally right next door.

For lightning-fast, low latency connectivity, switch to Ottawa's very own 100% fibre optic network provider, located right here in Kanata North. Get the connectivity your business needs and the local support you want.

Kanata North Fiber Optic Internet

Kanata North's Newest and Most Reliable Internet

High Speed Internet Service

Speed up to 100 Gig per second

Customized to empower your vision – Whether you're pioneering innovation, scaling businesses, or shaping the digital future.

Enterprise Internet Support

24x7x365 Support

Our local team of experts is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to  resolve any issues you may have. 

Internet Service for Businesses

99.999% availability guaranteed

When your business sends, receives, and accesses data on a large scale, you need a network you can trust and speed you can count on.

Smooth Video Call Service

Smooth Video Call, Every Time

Experience crystal-clear video calls with hiboo, even with multiple participants and extended durations. Our State-of-the-Art Fibre Optic Network ensures smooth streaming, making you feel like you're in the same room as your colleagues, clients, or partners.

Equal Uploads and Downloads Internet Speed

equal uploads & downloads speed

Experience the awesome parity of equal upload and download performance.

No Data Cap or Hidden Internet Fees

No data cap or hidden fees

Infinite Bandwidth – No Data Limits, So Your Ideas Can Flourish Without Restraints.

Who We Are

From Electricity to Connectivity: Hiboo Networks, owned by Hydro Ottawa, was born, carrying a 107-year legacy of enabling a brighter Ottawa.

We see connectivity as the modern-day equivalent of electricity in its power to transform. Hiboo networks is driven to empower the Ottawa-Gatineau region with secure and scalable connectivity to enable a strong and bright digital future.

From Electricity to Internet Connectivity

The hiboo promise: 

Always accountable. Simply intelligent. Your priorities are our priorities.

Hiboo Networks Local Internet Support

24/7/365 Local Support

Local expert, local tech support in our world-class state of the art Network Operation Centre

Internet Pricing in Ottawa

Transparent Pricing

Easy to understand contracts and monthly billing statement

Fibre Optic Internet Flexibility

Unmatched Flexibility

We have unmatched flexibility in meeting your connectivity needs because we have no technical debt

Fibre Optic Internet Connection

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Bridging the digital divide, ensuring inclusiveness for all in Ottawa and Gatineau

Fibre Optic for Communities

Community Commitment

Improving the quality of life, job growth, and sustainability in the Ottawa-Gatineau region

Risk Free Fiber Connection

Risk Free

Our local network experts will conduct a no-obligation technology assessment, creating a customized solution for your business

Chat with a local network expert for a customized connectivity plan and no-obligation quote.