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Our new municipal communications infrastructure is the foundation for unlocking unlimited opportunities in the digital future. At hiboo networks, our mission is to be a catalyst for the Ottawa-Gatineau region’s global leadership in the digital economy of the future. We stand as your partner, your advocate, and your gateway to a thriving tomorrow.

Who We Are

From Electricity to Connectivity: hiboo networks, a Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. company, was born, carrying a 107-year legacy of enabling a brighter Ottawa.

We see connectivity as the modern-day equivalent of electricity in its power to transform. hiboo networks is driven to empower the Ottawa-Gatineau region with secure and scalable connectivity to enable a strong and bright digital future.

From Electricity to Connectivity

Why a city-owned high speed broadband network?

Local Experience


Embracing a true local experience that elevates business in our footprint.
Community Networks


As a city-owned broadband network, we aim to empower our community by providing reliable, secure, and an accessible high speed networks across the region.
Connectivity Choice


By providing choices, we liberate Ottawa and Gatineau and give our community the independence to choose the connectivity that best suits your needs.
Shape the digital future of Ottawa-Gatineau regions

Smart City

Tailored to unlock possibilities, innovate solutions, and shape the digital future of Ottawa-Gatineau.
Bridging the digital divide

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Bridging the digital divide, ensuring inclusiveness for all in Ottawa and Gatineau.
Fresh perspective on enterprise internet

Honesty and Transparency

We're here to champion you with unparalleled service and a fresh perspective on Enterprise Internet.

What's in a name?

“Who, who?” is hiboo? Why an owl?

Hiboo is a play on the French word Hibou that means “Owl”. 

An Owl is synonymous with intelligence and wisdom, it has an innate ability to watch over both day and night, tirelessly ensuring the safety and well-being of its surroundings. In much the same way, hiboo networks takes on the role of a vigilant guardian, steadfastly overseeing our community's digital landscape to make things better for all.

About Our Network

A living part of our communities. Ottawa and Gatineau’s premier state-of-the-art fibre optic network. Setting a new standard for excellence, it’s the best you can get, second to none.

"As 5G networks, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data, build momentum,  we look forward to providing Ottawa-Gatineau communities the required communications infrastructure to power their digitization journeys. Our state-of-the-art optical network technology will deliver high-speed, reliable, and secure connectivity to businesses."

- Christopher Emery, General Manager, hiboo networks

The region’s class-leading uptime guarantee
24 X 7 X
Live Support by Local Team Members
Enterprises Covered
Our fibre optic network covers 6,000 enterprises across the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We understand your concerns with the giants, so we pledge a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enterprise Grade Internet

Our internet access service provides a dedicated symmetrical connection with guaranteed bandwidth and burstable capability, on our region’s very own 100% fibre optic network. We’re multi-homed to the Internet to give you confidence and reliability - ensuring that your business’s internet needs are always met. 

Enterprise Internet in Ottawa and Gatineau

Enterprise Grade Ethernet

Flexible bandwidth from 1G to 100G, along with intelligent demarcation options available to support a wide variety of applications and service levels that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business, and can be scaled as your business grows.

Ethernet services for businesses

Wavelength Services

Welcome to near-light speed services. Ultra low-latency delivering fast and efficient application performance. Our competitive pricing, simplified ordering process, strong SLA and clear and transparent billing ensure that hiboo delivers a high level of return to your business.

Wavelength services in Ottawa and Gatineau

Let us help you find the right connectivity solution for your business

Reach out to us effortlessly. Select a time from our sales team's calendar for a quick discovery call, or call us at 613-800-8140 . Your convenience, your choice.