Our Region's very own 100% fiber-based network provider for Businesses

Introducing Hiboo Networks: Our Region’s Dedicated Connectivity Partner

In an increasingly digital world, having access to fast and secure Internet is essential for businesses of all sizes. That's why we're proud to introduce Hiboo Networks, the National Capital Region’s first municipally owned Internet service provider, offering high-speed fibre optic network services to over 6,000 mid-to-large enterprises across the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau. Here's what makes Hiboo Networks stand out from the rest and your one true local choice for connectivity:

Backed By Ottawa Hydro
Hiboo is backed by Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., making it a truly local, reliable and trustworthy communications provider. We offer adaptive network solutions that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs while providing a local, dedicated connectivity partner with a broad network reach. This means that the Ottawa-Gatineau region should no longer accept lagging speeds and poor customer service from current providers. Our intelligent network service guarantees optimal performance and customer experience. Organizations and business leaders can now rest easy knowing that their connectivity needs can be met by a locally accountable and invested company driving innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology.

High-Speed Connectivity
Hiboo Networks provides lightning-fast, secure, reliable Internet connection speeds with the highest level of service, built by design. Our 100% fibre optic network ensures that our clients get only the best connection speeds available for high performance across all networks and devices. Plus, our intelligent network allows businesses to scale their bandwidth efficiently to meet changing network demands. 

Flexible Solutions
At Hiboo Networks, we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to Internet connectivity solutions for different organizations, sectors, and businesses. That's why we offer custom-designed plans tailored to your unique needs and specifications. Our expert team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and business context, to develop a solution that meets all of their business needs. Plus, our customer service team is always on hand to assist should any issues arise during the installation or operation of our services.
At Hiboo Networks we are passionate about providing a better customer and connectivity experience for the nation’s capital region. We understand the importance of keeping our communities, vital organizations and businesses connected. Communications are essential for maintaining and growing our business, education, social services and community networks. Our goal is simple – provide an excellent user experience every time by delivering top-quality services backed by world-class customer support. So, if you’re looking for a dedicated connectivity partner in Ottawa or Gatineau then look no further than Hiboo Networks! 
Hiboo Networks is the National Capital Region’s first municipally-owned internet service provider offering high-speed fibre optic network services to over 6,000 mid-to-large enterprises across the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau.


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